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Shellfish has traditionally been the supreme speciality of Conservas Daporta, not only for its careful and meticulous manufacture, but also in great measuredue tothe excellent raw material used, from de rich Galician Coast Sea.

Shellfish such as clams, cockles, mussels, razor fish markets or scallops, are directly bought at the most prestigious fish markets spotted in the different ports of Galician Mouths of Rivers.

Conservas Daporta, personally and without intermediates, selects and chooses de biggest and with most quality product during the recollection campaign (from September to November), and therefore having its production limited to a fex hundred of cans.
Mean Nutritional Values:

For each 100 g of drained product:
Seafood is much recommended to be included in equilibrated and healthy diets to prevent different kinds of illnesses. They are rich in mineral salts (calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and iodine) essential for a complete nutrition.
The taurine is an amino acid found in molluscs, among its qualities we can point out that it reduces cholesterol, helping to prevent cardiovascular affections, and it also fights against diabetes.

The vitamins:
Vitamin A: fights the infections and prevents cancer.
Vitamin B: activates intellectual functions and keeps the vision healthy.
Vitamin D: promotes the right absorption of calcium and phosphorous.

The minerals:
Phosphorous: for nervous system and kidney protection.
Potassium: nourishes the muscles and strengthens the immunological system.
Iron: fights the stress.
Calcium: for bone, teeth and muscle formatium.

Cockles in brine 74 kcal 10,7 g 0,5 g 7,7 g
Mussels in prickle sauce 207 kcal 15,2 g 14,1 g 4,7 g
Razor-shell in brine 100 kcal 18 g 1,4 g 9,8 g
Variegated scallops in common scallops sauce 183 kcal 11 g 13 g 5,5 g
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