A trend path related to the sea
Conservas Daporta, S.L. was created in 1940 as a familiar enterprise. At the beginning it used to can, mainly, sardines, tuna and Atlantic mackerel. As time went by, and due to the changes in consumer´s preferences, the company has been adapted to the new market tendencies, focusing its production to canned fresh seafood from the Galician Estatuaries, but always keeping traditional production lines for fish.

Involved in a constant improvement
Conservas Daporta, S.L.has been always engaged to a constant optimization and updating of its processes. Since 1950 it is a member of ANFACO (Spanish Fish and Seafood Canners Association) and it is adapted to the European Normative in subjects as hygiene, security, etc.

Means at quality service
The headquarters are in an area of 1.400 m², divided in the three sections:
- Reception and transformation of daily fresh seafood.
- Selecting, pack up and sealing.
- torage and casing of the final product.

Marketing on the rise
The marketing of our products is done under the following trademarks: Daporta, A Chave, El Marino and Río Umia; distributed in delicatessen shops, and hotel catering trade.
The Galician Estuaries are one of the best places in the world for obtaining natural resources from the sea.

Conservas Daporta has specialized in the traditional transformation of seafood from these areas and its main products are Clams, Common cockles, Razor-shell, Mussels, Sea Urchin Roe, Scallops and Queen Scallops.
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